🐶Art - Those Damn Dogs!

BLOCK9 delivers more than just great utility. We know the struggles of finding a pfp that you resonate with. As we say on the block, we all got that dog in us.

We are working with SKULLFACE to create a jaw dropping collection with attitude.

let's talk about what makes a great profile picture.

Surroundings. Subject. Personality.

The feel of your dog will be vastly different depending upon the lighting and background conditions: harsh, gentle, warm light, cool, and anything in between. Each type conveys a different emotional message, changing around the character of your final image.

In terms of the dogs themselves, we have multiple furs with various expressions that convey feeling that you can feel from just looking at them.

We want every dog to be relatable with someone. That means having a variety of traits while also keeping the collection on theme. The final collection will blow you away.

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